Lead Teacher - Pre-K Counts

Starting Pay

$35,500 based on experience

Pre-K Counts - 2 Open Positions

Full Time


Flexible 40 hours. Follows school year calendar


Crawford County, PA

Published Date

About the job

Do you love being instrumental in developing young minds? If so, we want you to join our family! FCCA’s Pre-K Counts program is currently looking for energetic and passionate lead teachers to join our team!


Includes but not limited to:
• Promotes an atmosphere of open effective communication and constructive response to problems and changes.
• Supervises Assistant Teacher, Classroom Aide, and Instructional Aide in the daily performance of their duties.
o Provides initial and ongoing orientation for all staff on all aspects of the classroom as well as their responsibilities, curriculum materials, lesson plans, sample forms, procedures, MSDS Manual, Timesheet/Activity Log use, and other appropriate materials.
o Observes and appraises the performance of all staff, identifying areas of excellence and elements in need of improvement, making specific recommendations for action, conferring with staff to share information.
o Ensures that all necessary program work is delegated to staff and volunteers according to work plans.
o Observes the Assistant Teacher or Classroom Aide as s/he carries out job duties related to the safe transportation of children to and from the classroom.
• Assures the thorough planning and full implementation of the High/Scope/GOLD Curriculum model in the classroom; as well as supplemental curricular approaches as defined in the Curriculum Plan.
o Plans and implements classroom activities to meet general and specific objectives education plan.
o Utilizes principles of active learning.
o Plans for Key Developmental Indicators throughout the daily routine.
o Organizes the daily routine around the "plan-do-review" sequence.
o Promotes each child's problem-solving skills and ability to verbalize.
o Promotes the acquisition of developmentally appropriate literacy and numeracy skills in children.
o Cooperates with all program efforts to measure child outcomes.
o Arranges the classroom environment appropriately.
• Plans and implements a classroom behavior management system that emphasizes prevention and is in accordance with program policies (i.e., no physical or emotional punishment).
• Assures that the Battelle Developmental Inventory Screening Test/ASQ is completed for each child during Child Screening Day events or as needed at the FCCA center.
• Accurately assesses the developmental progress of each child through the proper use of the High/Scope and GOLD curriculum as well as Ages and Stages.
o Observes each child and records activities and behaviors in relation to Key Developmental Indicators.
o Maintains a portfolio of each child's work.
o Utilizes information gathered to complete the entry, mid-year, and final child assessments each year.
o With parents of each child, develops goals and plans activities to accomplish these goals to meet each child's individual needs as identified through the screening and assessment process.
o Interprets assessment results accurately and sensitively to child's parents.
• Develops and implements a system which enables all classroom staff to account for each child’s whereabouts and safety in the classroom and during all program approved functions, ensuring that no child is ever left alone.
• Assures maintenance of adequate child-staff ratio within the classroom during program hours.
• Assures that the special needs of disabled children are being met in the classroom in the least restrictive environment possible.
o Participates actively in CER, IEP and Special Needs Transition meetings.
• Works to enhance the role of parents as prime educators of their children.
o Schedules and conducts at least two conferences and two home visits for each child according to the Education Work Plan.
o Provides opportunities and encourages parents of children to participate as volunteers.
o Models and teaches effective child management techniques and classroom behavior.
o Communicates with parents through notes, e-mail, phone, conferences, and home visits.
o Participates in the planning and implementation of Volunteer training and Parent Orientation.
o Makes recommendations to HR of qualified parents and community members for the Substitute Training Program.
o Offers suggestions on developmentally appropriate activities parents can work on with their children.
o When possible, includes parents in the development of activities for their children and for the classroom.
o Prepares a monthly classroom newsletter for parents that highlights classroom happenings and provides child development information in a “why we do what we do” format.
• Discusses difficult family situations and chronic problems with the Family Service Worker; shares responsibility for addressing problems cooperatively.
• Meets regularly with the Family Service Worker to discuss families at Mini Case Management staffing meetings, making decisions jointly about referrals to Case Management Staffing.
• Actively participates in Case Management Staffing meetings as necessary.
• Reports a child with irregular attendance or four successive day’s absence to the Family Service Worker.
• Reports all cases of suspected child abuse and neglect according to the Child Abuse Plan.
• Assures that the classroom is kept clean, uncluttered, and safe for children; reports unsafe conditions.
o Helps to develop and implement a system which provides for the safety of children and adults during emergencies.
 Evacuation Plans
 In-Place Sheltering Plans
 Assures that No Child is Ever Left Alone
o Ensures the completion of the Safety Checklist daily and corrects problems identified or refers the situation to administration.
• Posts emergency medical and fire safety plans in the classroom.
• Maintains preventive health practices daily in the classroom and incorporates health, safety, mental health, and nutrition education into the curriculum.
• Meets the physical needs of each child such as changing soiled clothing, assisting with tooth brushing and
toileting, any specialized feeding, and administering prescription medication as indicated in agency guidelines.
• Knows, understands and practices daily universal precautions.
• Participates in training sessions and staff meetings as required.
• Maintains complete and accurate records and submits them when requested.
• Fulfills other duties as assigned to this position in the service area work plans or by the administration.


• Meet and exceed all state Child Care Licensing requirements: CDA, AS, or bachelor’s in education.
• At least 40 hours of experience working in a preschool classroom within the last 12 months.
• Current clearances required: FBI, State Police, NSOR, PA Child ABUSE, and Mandated Reporter Clearances.
• Physical and TB test.
• Valid driver’s license and personal auto insurance with own transportation.
• A working knowledge of early childhood education principles and developmentally appropriate practices.
• Possess a teamwork mindset, strong communication skills, organization skills and problem-solving abilities.
• Ability to build rapport, compile, interpret, and explain information with children, families, and peers.
• Physical and mental ability to supervise, assist and respond quickly to children’s needs during activities which include the use of gross motor equipment, walking, and field trips.
• Ability, when necessary, to lift, move, and restrain preschool children weighing 25-60 lbs. following guidelines.
• Ability to respect and practice confidentiality
• Willingness and ability to meet with families in their own homes
• Ability to each lunch with children, sharing the same menu and to tolerate standard cleaning solutions and chlorine bleach.


• Health, vision, dental
• Childcare discounts
• Paid time off
• Paid training hours
• Potential for advancement