Pre-K Counts Director

Starting Pay

Starting pay based on qualifications and experience: $52,000-$55,000

FCCA Main Office

Full Time


40 hours per week


Meadville, Crawford County

Published Date

About the job

We are looking for a dynamic person to oversee the planning, coordination and implementation of the Pre K Counts Program. Responsible for the development and supervision of programs in accordance with the Pennsylvania Code Chapter 3270 Child Day Care Center Regulations, local program policies and guidelines, and all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations.


1. Promotes and is committed to the FCCA Mission Statement
2. Promotes an atmosphere of open effective communication and constructive response to problems.
3. Directly supervises Family Services Manager, Health & Disabilities Manager, Training and Technical Assistance Manager, and PKC Teachers in the performance of their duties in accordance with sound supervisory practices and with attention to fairness and good interpersonal relations.
4. Works with the Human Resources Director in regards to the following personnel responsibilities:
a. Recruits, screens, interviews and makes recommendations for hire as needed.
b. Provides an orientation to assigned staff using the new teacher orientation packet in regards to curriculum materials, assessment materials, sample forms and other appropriate materials.
c. Observes and appraises performance of new assigned staff at the end of the 90-day probationary period, presents recommendation to the Executive Director and the Human Resources Director.
d. Provides oral feedback on performance to assigned staff on an ongoing basis. Provides written feedback as necessary.
e. Acts as a resource person for helping assigned staff improve their understanding and implementation of program goals and plans.
f. Conducts annual performance appraisal of all PKC assigned staff, identifying areas of excellence and elements in need of improvement, making specific recommendations for action, and development of Professional Development plans as needed.
g. Coaches, Mentors, Supervises, and Evaluates all PKC Staff.
h. Communicates approved personnel policies and procedures via staff meetings, oral contacts, phone calls, memos, etc.
i. Responsible for disciplinary documentation and follows the Progressive disciplinary process as needed.
5. Responsible for the development of Education Procedures and presents to Executive Director for the Board of Directors approval.
6. Develops the written Education Work Plan in conjunction with other stakeholders to be reviewed and evaluated annually.
7. Develops Improvement Plans in response to identified needs, based on the annual Child Assessment Data, School Readiness Goals, Self-Assessment, Community Needs Assessment, and other data.
8. Visits the classrooms monthly and as necessary for monitoring, conducts teacher meetings, and classroom reviews for the dual purpose of giving and receiving feedback on the daily operation of the classroom, Curriculums, Training Plans, and the Education Plan.
9. Keeps abreast of research and other new information in the early childhood education field and promotes appropriate and timely changes in the program design and options as needed.
10. Manages the administration of the annual child assessment program.
11. Member of Education Advisory, Community Needs Assessment Committee, Self-Assessment Committee, and Program Planning.
12. Responsible for the development and implementation of School Readiness Goals, Program Goals, Objectives, and Action Plans.
13. Responsible for various reports and the oversight of the Curriculum, and STARS.
14. Develops and implements the Education portion of the Training Plan.
15. Enters all Home Visit and Center Conference data into ChildPlus
16. Provides all support to PKC Partners. Including meetings, observations and annual State review support.
17. Promotes No Child Left Alone by overseeing the development and follow through in each classroom.
18. Prepares reports and maintains all records necessary to document the delivery of education services.
19. Responsible for the oversight of all PKC classrooms, Teachers, and Day Care including procurement of appropriate materials.
20. Prepares applications for annual and supplemental grants related to PKC.
21. Serves as a liaison between FCCA Administration and School Districts participating in PKC.
22. Oversees the operation of the food program at assigned centers and conducts CACFP monitoring as required.
23. Fulfills other responsibilities as outlined or assigned by the Executive Director.


1. Preferred: Master’s Degree in Education or related field with 5 years of experience in Early Childhood Education or a preschool classroom and experience in the supervision and training of adults.
2. Required: A Bachelor of Science’s Degree in Education.
3. A commitment to implement and promote the philosophy, goals, objectives and policies of the program.


• Health, vision, dental
• Childcare discounts
• Paid time off
• Paid training hours
• Potential for advancement